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Nice Healthcare Closes Financing Round with RevTek Capital

Phoenix, AZ — RevTek Capital, a leading debt funding source for innovative companies, is proud to announce its recent support and collaboration with Nice Healthcare, a dedicated organization with a mission to assist employees and their families in receiving excellent care every day as needed, virtually and in their homes. This partnership represents RevTek Capital’s commitment to supporting organizations that profoundly impact the lives of employees and their families.

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Roambee Closes Second Financing Round with RevTek Capital

Phoenix, AZ — Roambee, a leader in supply chain visibility and Intelligence, is entering an exciting new chapter of growth with the support of RevTek Capital, a leading capital provider for innovative and growing companies. Following the successful closure of this second financing round, Roambee is poised to accelerate its reach worldwide. Led by industry veteran Sanjay Sharma and a seasoned management team, Roambee is primed to continue delivering on its commitment to producing exceptional results with its best-in-class supply chain visibility and intelligence.

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SYSPRO Closes Financing Round with RevTek Capital

Phoenix, AZ — SYSPRO, a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider, is entering an exciting new chapter of growth with the support of RevTek Capital, a renowned funding source for innovative companies. Following the successful closure of this financing round, SYSPRO is expanding its global presence.

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Workweek Closes Second Financing Round

Phoenix, AZ — Workweek, the burgeoning powerhouse in the realm of content creation, is extending its exceptional growth with the continued support of RevTek Capital, a distinguished funding source for innovative companies. Following the successful closure of a financing round, Work Week is poised to revolutionize the world of business content. Founded by industry luminary Adam Ryan and spearheaded by a seasoned management team, Work Week is primed for dynamic expansion. It is driven by its commitment to producing engaging, innovative content that resonates with audiences.

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City Buildings

Newsletter – Nov ’23

In the fast-paced world of growing companies with predictable recurring revenue, staying ahead requires strategic planning and execution. That’s why RevTek Capital is thrilled to share some impactful go-forward strategies throughout this Newsletter that can accelerate your growth and propel you toward your company goals.

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Happy Holidays

Newsletter – Dec ’23

2023 has been a very exciting year. Expectations for 2024 are even stronger. Evolving and doing new things in new ways keeps us fresh and contributing in new ways. Innovation and change are essential for growth and scaling businesses. Our portfolio companies continue to thrive.

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Newsletter Jan'24

Newsletter – Jan ’24

Newsletter Jan ’24
Many exciting things already underway in this new year. Off to a big start with very high expectations for growth. Of course we keep an eye on the possible disturbances.

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Newsletter Feb'24

Newsletter – Feb ’24

Newsletter Feb ’24
It is always exciting! There are always new things happening with talented people innovating and creating value for customers and their businesses. It is fun and rewarding to be an active part of all this.
Featured this month:
*Roambee Closes Second Financing Round with RevTek Capital
*How to Qualify for SaaS Financing
*SaaS Company Valuation: Multiples and More

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SaaS Marketing Strategies 2024

SaaS Marketing Strategies: 2024

Until the recent past, business and marketing models have been built around companies trying to sell a physical product. They want you to buy the newest car, the best watch, or even that tendy, eco-friendly, hand printed tee.

These all have one thing in common: they are items.

In the world of items, a one-time purchase is all you need to close a sale and call it a success. Sure, repeat customers are important, but they are not necessarily the backbone of your business operation– especially as the price per item rises.

In SaaS, the game changes.

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Top 10 SaaS Trends: 2024 Edition

Top 10 SaaS Trends: 2024 Edition

The Software as a Service industry has taken the tech world by storm in recent years and is creating a digital transformation that permanently changes the world of technology and software development.

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Capital Required Relative to Revenue

SaaS Company Valuation and how it affects Financing

For any Software as a Service (SaaS) company, finding effective financing solutions can prove difficult. Despite the increased focus on this business model and financing solutions, many SaaS owners don’t know how to accurately value their company. Without a correct SaaS valuation, you won’t be able to get the financing options that work best for your business. We want to help you understand SaaS company valuations and the impact that has on your financing options.

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Debt vs. Equity Financing Pros and Cons

Debt vs. Equity Financing Pros and Cons

Unlocking the Capital Conundrum: Navigating the Pros and Cons of Debt vs. Equity Financing. Understanding the financial pathways that shape your business’s growth is essential. Join me as we explore the intricacies of these two financing options, paving the way for informed decisions and sustainable success.

Check out this article about Debt vs. Equity Financing Pros and Cons by RevTek Capital. If you enjoyed the article, make sure you download our FREE e-book and subscribe to our email listing at the end of this article!

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Future of SaaS Investing

A Look at the Future of SaaS Investing

The Software as a Service (SaaS) industry is in the midst of a dynamic growth phase, attracting substantial investments in recent years. According to the findings of a comprehensive report by Grand View Research, the global SaaS market achieved a valuation of USD 158.2 billion in 2020, with a projected compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 11.7% from 2021 to 2028.

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How to Grow a SaaS Company

How To Grow a SaaS Company

Building a business takes hard work, focus, and most importantly, time. When starting a Software as a Service business, it is tempting to focus on becoming the next overnight success. But in all honesty, very few companies luck into that title.

For every overnight millionaire, there are several hardworking business owners steadily reaching sustainable success. Be encouraged that with long term focus and steady planning, you can be next.

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Monthly SaaS Recurring Revenue

Your Guide to Monthly SaaS Recurring Revenue

Recurring revenue is a key metric for SaaS companies because it provides a predictable and stable source of income. It allows companies to plan for the future and invest in growth initiatives, knowing that they have a steady stream of revenue coming in.

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March 2024 Newsletter

Newsletter – Mar ’24

It is always great to gather and learn about new trends and major influences impacting an important segment. Recently, Revtek participated with a notable presence at a VC conference for the healthcare

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SaaS Income Statement

How Does a SaaS Income Statement Work

The SaaS income statement is an important financial statement as it allows the SaaS company to track its financial performance over time and identify areas for improvement. By analyzing the income statement,

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