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Increase Your Valuation With a Cash Injection

Preserve equity as we provide debt financing customized to your business

Up to $2,000,000 in
growth capital

Maximize your flexibility with no
financial covenants

Retain control of your board seats and
your say in how you run your business

Simple terms. Simple documentation.
Simple execution.


Why should you choose RevTek?



You will receive your capital quickly and without hassle.


You keep control

Unlike many loan options, we don’t require that you give up board seats.


Affordable, consistent monthly payments

Your payments are set significantly lower than your monthly revenue and do not increase as your business succeeds.

Compare RevTek With Other
Funding Sources


Banks Won't lend to early stage companies

Not enough

Not enough Cash Flow

Not enough Profit

Can't get the deal approved internally


Very Expensive / Highly Dilutive

Founders lose control of Business

Give up Board Seats

40% + IRR expectations

4-6 months to close funding

Objeto inteligente vectorial

Lowest cost of capital available

Founders keep control
Revenue is collateral

Founders keep board seats
Revenue is cash

Affordable monthly payments
Profit not necessary

Close in 4 weeks
NOT months


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Accelerate Your
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