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Phoenix | Chicago | New York | Miami

Helping Founders realize their vision

We exist to help innovative companies grow their businesses while preserving
ownership for Founders, Management and Investors.

How we do it
By providing customized debt solutions and advice along the way to help founders
reach a successful exit.

Why us?
We are founded and led by experienced entrepreneurs who have started businesses
and achieved successful exits. We understand what it takes to cross the finish line.

Bottom Line
We have helped founders realize more than $400MM incremental exit value.

Target Companies

  • Tech-Enabled
  • Recurring Revenue
  • Scalable Business Model

Financial Parameters

  • $5MM+ ARR
  • High Gross Margin
  • Low Fixed Costs

Our Structure

  • $2MM to $20MM+
  • Interest-Only Periods
  • Deferred Amortization

Working with RevTek Capital

RevTek Capital was founded in 2021 by a team of experienced entrepreneurs and banking experts who believed there was a better way to fund growing companies. Our funding is structured so we win when you win. Our return depends on your company’s performance, meaning it’s in our best interest to work with you to help you grow. We can be involved as much or as little as you like. Together with our community of entrepreneurs and experts, we help as needed.
We succeed when you succeed.

We succeed when you succeed.

Helping business owners create value and keep it!