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Forum Spotlight: Adam DiNicola and RevTek Capital

Adan DiNicola - Florida Venture Forum

Special Event:
In our ongoing effort to support growing companies seeking funding, RevTek’s CFO, Adam DiNicola, presented RevTek Capital at the Florida Venture Forum.

The Florida Venture Forum is Florida’s largest support and networking organization for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, helping startups and high-growth companies connect with the capital and services they need to grow and scale.

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Tell us about your company or firm:

Founded in 2021, RevTek Capital is a specialty credit company focused on lower middle market and growth companies in the venture ecosystem. We aim to empower founders of growth-stage companies by providing them with leverage capital, and strategic guidance they need to thrive, without over-diluting the existing ownership structure. We focus on identifying innovative companies with a strong growth history and help them scale through a combination of our capital investment and support. Our mission is to foster the next generation of industry leaders by backing visionary entrepreneurs and cultivating a robust startup ecosystem.

What is one “must do” (or must not do!) piece of advice you have for founders growing a startup?

Maintain a relentless focus on understanding and meeting customer needs. It’s crucial to engage with your customers early and often to gather feedback, validate your product or service, and iterate based on actual needs and outcomes. This customer-centric approach ensures that you are building something that truly solves a problem and has a market fit. This will reduce churn, help to better invest on customer needs, and increase revenue over time.

What excites you most about Florida’s future as a place to invest and/or grow a startup?

Florida’s future as a hub for startups is incredibly exciting due to its dynamic and rapidly growing tech ecosystem. The state offers a favorable business climate with lower taxes, a high quality of life, and a diverse talent pool, which are all attractive to both founders and investors. Additionally, Florida’s strategic location and strong infrastructure support easy access to domestic and international markets. The state’s commitment to innovation and the increasing number of accelerators, incubators, and venture capital presence further solidify its position as a prime destination for startup growth and investment

About Florida Venture Forum

The Florida Venture Forum is Florida’s largest support and networking organization for entrepreneurs and venture capitalists. We help startups and high-growth companies connect with the capital and services they need to grow and scale.

Our membership includes most major dealmakers active in Florida, including seed, angel and venture funds, as well as most major accounting, law and investment banking firms active in our space. Our nonprofit mission and track record of transformative success for founders and investors set us apart as a catalyst for growth.

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When You Need a Funding Boost

Many times, what prevents a SaaS company from reaching its full growth potential is the lack of funds to function at that initial negative profit while leads and sales are being discovered.

RevTek Capital – Providing Growth Capital

RevTek Capital provides strategic debt funding of $2MM to $20MM+ to growing companies with $5MM to $75MM of predictable annual recurring revenue. The funding is used for sales growth, acquisitions, and enhancing infrastructure for scaling operations. Each company’s debt structure is customized to optimize its unique accomplishments and circumstances.
Many startup companies struggle to raise capital and have found the process quite time-consuming. Our organization has unique insights regarding SaaS businesses and the challenges these and other tech-enabled companies encounter. In addition, the professional team at RevTek has many years of experience in marketing and operations to assist our clients.

Key Benefit Summary

  • Cost-effective capital for growing tech-enabled companies
  • The company leadership retains control
  • Repayment is structured into simple and manageable monthly payments
  • You have faster access to funding – closing in as little as four weeks

If you need capital to give your tech-enabled business the next boost it needs or need more advice on how to grow your business, please contact us at RevTek Capital today.

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Funding Solutions from RevTek Capital

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