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Newsletter – Nov ’23

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Visionaries: Connecting Ambition with Capital for a Brighter Tomorrow

We recently updated our website to present the new dimensions of our company. Evolving and doing new things in new ways keeps us fresh and contributing in new ways.

In the fast-paced world of growing companies with predictable recurring revenue, staying ahead requires strategic planning and execution. That’s why RevTek Capital is thrilled to share some impactful go-forward strategies throughout this Newsletter that can accelerate your growth and propel you toward your company goals.

We highlight below one of our new companies, Netsurit. We are excited to be a part of their growth. Also, below are a few articles that will help us all stay current and on course. We look forward to your feedback and continuing to collaborate with you. 

RevTek Capital responds to the many demands in a changing market. We have a long history and track record of expertly navigating and managing the various risks to ensure we keep our promises to our borrowers and future prospects, no matter the prevailing economic or market headwind we may face.

As we have seen in past market downturns and even during the pandemic, RevTek has not only survived extreme external challenges, but we and our portfolio companies have continued to grow, thrive, and seek out the best performers in our space. 

At RevTek, we focus on providing growth capital for innovative companies with $5MM to $75MM in Annual Recurring Revenue. We continue to enhance our reputation for creativity and supportiveness in this space.

Be assured that by doing business with RevTek Capital, you are doing business with one of the strongest strategic debt funding sources in the lending market. We regularly tout our exceptional understanding and customized structuring of our loans, tailored to meet the needs of our innovative companies. We have earned a strong reputation, reinforcing the value we deliver and continuity for funding the ongoing growth of the companies we serve.

More information about the company’s creative structuring and supportive relationships with our clients can be found on our website. I encourage you to give it a look. Our motto is, “We want to grow your business, not own your business.”

RevTek Capital is a $250MM committed debt fund providing growth capital to tech-enabled recurring revenue companies with $5MM to $75MM in recurring revenue. We loan $3MM up to $30MM – in increments as needed on a uni-tranche basis. Our goal is to help founders/investors increase valuation while minimizing dilution, allowing them to keep more equity.


Best regards,
The RevTek Team

RevTek Capital: Client Highlights

SimSpace Closes $22.6 Million Financing Round with RevTek Capital

In a groundbreaking collaboration, SimSpace has successfully closed a $22.6 million financing round with the strategic support of RevTek Capital. SimSpace, a leader in cybersecurity, steps forward with its exclusive cyber range—an unparalleled platform designed for comprehensive security assessments, product evaluations, real-world attack simulations, and immersive individual and team readiness training. This financing milestone not only underscores SimSpace’s ascendancy in the cybersecurity space but also highlights the visionary approach of RevTek Capital.

LPs’ Demand for Liquidity Drives VCs to Secondary Markets

The pressure to send money to LPs is driving some VCs to sell portfolio company stakes on the secondary markets, but they’re finding that buyers are interested only in the best assets. Meanwhile, less attractive companies are not generating much demand, even at big discounts.

RevTek Capital: Successful SaaS Sales Team Structures

Hiring a team, teaching them the product, and then sending them on their way may get you quick results, but it doesn’t grow your company in the long run. As your business becomes more complicated and team members filter in and out, your startup or thriving SaaS business can crumble.

But developing a sturdy sales organization structure allows you to track sales metrics, create team synergy, and set up your sales team to rock your product.

RevTek Capital is a leading strategic debt funding source. We leverage our years of early-stage lending and investing experience to provide customized credit solutions to growth companies with predictable recurring revenue/subscription-based businesses. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their business and preserve equity while maximizing enterprise value for all stakeholders.

RevTek’s focus is providing $3MM to $30MM for growing $5MM to $75MM ARR businesses. Motivating management teams and allowing investors to maximize investment returns is a key objective. RevTek’s process is always relationship driven and our long-term lending strategy has proven effective for companies with predictable recurring revenue business models.

If you are looking to obtain growth capital or complete an acquisition, contact us today. We don’t want to own your business. We help you grow your business.

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