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SYSPRO Closes Financing Round with RevTek Capital

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Financing from RevTek Capital Fuels Growth of SYSPRO


Phoenix, AZ — SYSPRO, a leading Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) provider, is entering an exciting new chapter of growth with the support of RevTek Capital, a renowned funding source for innovative companies. Following the successful closure of this financing round, SYSPRO is expanding its global presence.


SYSPRO is dedicated to providing customers with a comprehensive view of all business activities, including financial, warehouse, and inventory management, across supply chain and business operations. Its commitment to innovation, based on market needs and a focus on faster time-to-value, provides the last-mile functionality to promote the success of its customers.

Its numerous solutions offer seamless digitalization, enhancing business controls and efficiencies. This makes it easier for businesses to scale while meeting evolving market demands and expand without operational limitations.

“In a world where manufacturers and distributors strive to shape the future, you need a team of professionals that understand your industry, your goals, and your vision.”

The SYSPRO teams are available globally and excel in transforming the Enterprise Resource Planning landscape.

“Our industry-specific SYSPRO enterprise resource planning (ERP) software helps you take advantage of our global team of specialists who know your business as well as you do, speak your language, and take a vested interest in ensuring your success.”

This leads to faster implementation and return on investment.

RevTek Capital Fuels SYSPRO’s Vision

RevTek Capital, a leading name in funding innovative companies, recognized the immense potential of SYSPRO’s innovative approach to enhancing the Enterprise Resource Planning landscape. The recent financing round is a testament to RevTek Capital’s commitment to supporting businesses in redefining their industries and helping their customers create exceptional performance and value. Scott Peters, CEO and founder of RevTek Capital expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership:

“SYSPRO’s dedication to helping companies succeed worldwide resonates deeply with our mission at RevTek Capital. We believe that by providing the financial resources they need, SYSPRO will continue empowering their customers’ growth.”

RevTek Capital’s investment in SYSPRO is a testament to its commitment to fostering innovation and supporting businesses that drive positive change in their respective fields. This collaboration is set to redefine how businesses engage their supply chain and internal operations, and it’s a journey both companies are eager to embark upon.

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About RevTek Capital

RevTek Capital is an Industry-leading funding source that provides strategic debt funding of $3MM to $30MM in tranches to innovative companies with annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $5MM to $75MM. The funding is used for sales growth, acquisitions, and enhancing infrastructure for scaling operations. Each company’s debt structure is customized to optimize its unique accomplishments and circumstances. 

RevTek leverages years of early-stage lending experience, providing focused credit solutions to emerging, predictable recurring revenue/subscription-based businesses nationwide. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses while maximizing enterprise value for owners and management teams. In addition, the professional team at RevTek has many years of experience in marketing and operations to assist their clients.

Key Benefit Summary
  • Cost-effective capital for growing tech-enabled companies
  • The company leadership retains control
  • Recurring revenues serve as the collateral for financing
  • Repayment is structured into simple and manageable monthly payments
  • You have faster access to funding – closing in as little as four weeks 


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