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Spring ’23 Update

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March 15, 2023

Recent news surrounding Silicon Valley Bank has many businesses in the SaaS, recurring revenue space, questioning the financial strength and commitment of the lenders they either do business with, or are seeking to grow their business with.

Be assured that by doing business with RevTek Capital, you are doing business with one of the strongest recurring revenue lenders in the SaaS lending market. We regularly tout our exceptional understanding and flexible structuring of our loans, tailored to meet the needs of the best businesses in the SaaS space. We have earned a strong reputation, which reinforces the value we deliver and continuity for funding future growth in our target market.

More information about the company’s creative structuring and strong investor backing can be found on our website. I encourage you to give it a look.

As we have seen in past market downturns and even during the pandemic, RevTek has not only survived extreme external challenges, it has continued to grow and seek out the best performers in our space. We have a long history and track record of expertly navigating and managing the various risks of our business to ensure we can keep the promises we make to our borrowers and our future prospects, no matter the prevailing economic or market headwind we may face.

We pride ourselves on this and you can you can count on us to be there when you need us to fund your growing business.

Our motto is, “we want to grow your business, not own your business”.

Best regards,

The RevTek Team


About RevTek Capital

RevTek Capital is a leading funding source, leveraging years of early-stage lending and investing experience to provide focused credit solutions to growth companies with predictable recurring revenue/subscription-based businesses across the country. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their business while maximizing enterprise value for all stakeholders.

With the recent economic issues and inflationary pressures, demand for our venture debt growth capital for the recurring revenue market has been well received. RevTek’s focus is providing $1 to $15 million for growing $5MM to $40MM ARR businesses motivating management teams and allows investors to maximize investment returns. Our process is always relationship driven and our long-term lending strategy has proven effective for SaaS and PaaS companies with predictable marketing models.

If you are looking to obtain growth capital or move into a new market, contact us today. We don’t want to own your business. We help grow it.

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