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Nice Healthcare Closes Financing Round with RevTek Capital

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Financing from RevTek Capital Fuels Nice Healthcare Growth


Phoenix, AZ — RevTek Capital, a leading debt funding source for innovative companies, is proud to announce its recent support and collaboration with Nice Healthcare, a dedicated organization with a mission to assist employees and their families in receiving excellent care every day as needed, virtually and in their homes. This partnership represents RevTek Capital’s commitment to supporting organizations that profoundly impact the lives of employees and their families.

About Nice Healthcare: How Healthcare Should Be

Nice Healthcare was built from the ground starting in 2017 by its co-founder and CEO, Thompson Aderinkomi, and his co-founders, Allison Santos and Genevieve Swenson, FNP-C. It is redesigning comprehensive healthcare for small and medium-sized businesses by utilizing a mix of technology and in-home care. As an employee benefit, they provide employees and their families with in-home and virtual primary care, virtual mental health therapy, and virtual physical therapy services.

Their network of clinicians provides patients with X-rays, 35 labs and blood draws, and over 550 medications that can be prescribed with no out-of-pocket costs. Since launching in Minnesota in 2017, they have expanded their integrated care services to 12 states, and more are coming in the near future.

Nice Healthcare’s Mission

Traditional healthcare is not nice; it is complex, hard to navigate, and just plain out of reach for many people in our country. The leaders and staff of Nice Healthcare are like everyone else, having a laundry list of negative experiences and attempting to get care when needed. This is why they have joined as a team to do everything they can to change and improve how people get and experience healthcare. The mission is simple: Make getting amazing everyday care easy and affordable.

RevTek Capital Empowers Nice Healthcare’s Mission

RevTek Capital’s recent financial partnership with Nice Healthcare signifies a pivotal moment in the organization’s journey. By providing the necessary financial resources, RevTek Capital empowers Nice Healthcare to expand its reach and continue providing essential services to employees and their families.

Scott Peters, CEO and founder of RevTek Capital expressed his enthusiasm for this collaboration:

“Nice Healthcare’s commitment to preserving and extending the availability of exceptional primary care to employees and their families resonates deeply with our mission at RevTek Capital. We are honored to provide the funding necessary to extend their vital services to more employees and their families and significantly impact the community.”

A Partnership of Compassion and Impact

The partnership between RevTek Capital and Nice Healthcare represents the union of compassion and impact. Together, they enable employees and their families to receive the care and support they need within the comfort of their homes.

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About RevTek Capital

RevTek Capital is an Industry-leading capital provider that provides strategic debt financing of $3MM to $30MM in tranches to innovative companies with predictable annual recurring revenue (ARR) of $5MM to $75MM. The funding is used for sales growth, acquisitions, and enhancing infrastructure for scaling operations. Each company’s debt structure is customized to its unique accomplishments and circumstances. 

RevTek leverages years of lending and entrepreneurial experience. This allows them to provide customized credit solutions to growing companies with predictable recurring revenue nationwide. Our goal is to help entrepreneurs grow their businesses while maximizing enterprise value for owners, management teams, and shareholders. In addition, the professional team at RevTek has many years of experience in marketing and operations to assist their clients.

Key Benefit Summary

  • Cost-effective capital for growing tech-enabled companies
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