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Bonanza Closes Financing Round

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Financing from RevTek Capital Fuels Growth of Bonanza

April, 2023

Phoenix, AZ — Bonanza is the driving force behind countless entrepreneurial dreams. Quincy Faison, its CEO, is poised to embark on an exciting growth journey with the unwavering support of RevTek Capital, a distinguished lender for innovative growth companies. This partnership marks a significant milestone in Bonanza’s mission to empower entrepreneurs by offering the tools and platform they need to build thriving e-commerce businesses. Bonanza is an affordable “All Things eCommerce” platform for its sellers.  This includes Webstores, Accounting, Payments, Lending, Marketing, Integrated Shipping, and Middleware Solutions to connect our sellers beyond Bonanza.

About Bonanza: Fueling Entrepreneurial Ambitions

Bonanza is more than an e-commerce platform; it’s a catalyst for entrepreneurs looking to realize their visions. Building an online store requires dedication and time, and Bonanza ensures that entrepreneurs build on a solid foundation. The company’s relentless commitment to creating exceptional tools to boost sales and facilitate the creation of vibrant, stable e-commerce shops sets it apart in the industry.

In this article, we’ll delve into how Bonanza excels at driving traffic and, more importantly, converting that traffic into sales and loyal customers. Bonanza’s pricing structure is equally appealing to entrepreneurs, with a $0.25 transaction fee and a base 3.5% final value fee rate. This starkly contrasts the 10-20% selling fees charged by many popular marketplaces without even factoring in listing fees, which Bonanza eliminates.

Customization and Versatility: Bonanza’s Unique Edge

What distinguishes Bonanza from its competitors is its level of customization to sellers. Regardless of the size of your inventory or the nature of your products, Bonanza provides a platform where success is attainable. Whether selling items from your garage, meticulously crafted handmade goods, or an extensive range of products, Bonanza empowers you to create a successful e-commerce business. Bonanza’s tools are designed to attract buyers, bolster your brand, and do so without consuming excessive time.

Bonanza’s commitment to continuous improvement exemplifies its responsiveness to seller feedback. The company actively listens to its sellers through various channels, including a dedicated feedback site, regular surveys, and direct communication. This approach ensures that Bonanza focuses on building features that matter most to sellers, enhancing their experience and success on the platform.

RevTek Capital Fuels Bonanza’s Growth

The recent funding partnership with RevTek Capital is pivotal in Bonanza’s journey. RevTek Capital’s infusion of capital empowers Bonanza to accelerate its mission of empowering entrepreneurs. Bonanza aligns perfectly with RevTek Capital’s commitment to supporting innovative and forward-thinking companies by providing entrepreneurs with the tools and platform to build strong, lasting brands.

Scott Peters, CEO and founder of RevTek Capital, expressed his enthusiasm for the partnership:

“Bonanza’s dedication to helping entrepreneurs succeed resonates deeply with our mission at RevTek Capital. We believe that by providing the financial resources they need, Bonanza will continue empowering ambitious sellers and driving countless businesses’ growth.”

A Partnership of Innovation and Entrepreneurship

This partnership between RevTek Capital and Bonanza is a testament to the power of innovation and entrepreneurship. Together, they aim to redefine the e-commerce landscape and enable entrepreneurs to build thriving businesses that leave a lasting impact.

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