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Paid Advertising: PPC for SaaS Companies

Paid Advertising: PPC for SaaS Companies

In the digital marketing world, PPC or pay per click content marketing is king. PPC ads are absolutely essential to running a successful online business yet if they are not done correctly, that is money down the drain. With a properly targeted PPC campaign, you can optimize your Software as a Service (SaaS) marketing ads to ensure that you spend less on leads that don’t go anywhere.

What is PPC?

Put simply, pay per click is a model of advertising where you only pay for ads as they are clicked. Meaning, you are only paying for the ads that are bringing you traffic. It seems like a simple winning scenario, but there is actually a science and art behind it all.

Keep reading to find tips on how to optimize your SaaS business marketing campaign.

Determine Your Purpose

Before beginning an ad campaign, it is important to determine exactly what it is that you will be marketing and what exactly you want your customers to do. Many start-up companies don’t fully benefit from their PPC ads because they advertise way too broadly.

Taking the time to determine exactly what you desire the outcome to be will help you to better target your ads. For example, your ad will look differently if you are wanting a customer to sign up for a free trial than if you are simply trying to raise brand awareness.

Target Your Customer

This aspect of marketing may take some trial and error before finding qualified leads. That is okay. Reaching your target audience first requires determining who your potential customers are and finding what speaks to them.

The ad platforms you choose will help to focus in on what customer you are trying to reach. Using a search engine such as Google will result in an audience that was searching for exact terms or related keywords. Using social media, such as with Facebook ads, you can target a market they may not have been looking for your brand or area of business but who may benefit because of another connection.

Focus on Funnel Stage

Focusing on the stage of the sales funnel will better help you target specific ad groups accordingly. A customer at the top of the funnel has just now heard of your brand or begun searching for your area of business.

It is commonly known in sales cycles that your brand or product must be in front of a target between 6–10 times before they will be willing to buy in. Therefore, at the top, ads can focus more on what makes your brand unique or stand out. This stage is for building familiarity and rapport.

At the bottom of the funnel is where conversion rates are the highest. These targets are closest to making a purchase and are where you want to spend the most cost per click. These ads will push for bigger actions such as signing up for a free trial and will give you the biggest return on your investment.

Remarketing is a very important aspect of PPC advertising because it ensures that customers who have already shown interest in your product continue to see your brand. If nothing else, your company should begin with a remarketing strategy when jumping into paid advertising.

Optimize Ad Copy

The number one way to ensure that you develop a winning strategy all comes down to the actual words in your advertisements: the ad copy. You can employ all the right science and strategy, but if your ads aren’t engaging, you won’t get clicks or conversion.

Analytics have tools for helping you to optimize your ad campaigns in a way that will place your advertisements at the top of the page or in front of the right audience. They do this by employing a Quality Score, or a rating on how well your ad will do. It is your goal to make sure that your quality scores are high.

This includes markers like: using targeted keywords in texts, titles, and URLs, personalizing and using specific language and terms, creating engaging and fast landing pages, and implementing mobile accessibility.

Your Summary

When testing the waters of targeted paid advertising, it is all about experimenting. You should try many different approaches and angles to discover:

  • Whether you are conversion or awareness focused
  • Who you are targeting
  • What your keywords and ad group segments are
  • How you should draw in conversions

In the trial stages, your Click-Through Rate (CTR) will likely be around 3%, with that percentage increasing as your strategy focuses and improves.

PCC for Your SaaS Company

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