Opportunities Funding Recurring Revenue



Cash to accelerate growth.

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Cash to position for an equity raise.



Cash to extend runway to a higher valuation.

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Cash to innovate, differentiate, and beat competition.

Is RevTek Capital a good fit for your company?

  • For recurring revenue companies
    Software, SaaS, digital media or similar businesses.
  • Funding when you need it
    You don’t need to borrow it all up front. We’ll provide more financing as you grow.
  • How much can you borrow?
    We will lend up to ½ of a company’s annualized revenue run rate. We lend up to 50% of ARR per company.
  • Capital for growth
    We fund sales and marketing, product development, infrastructure, new hires, and other growth strategies.
  • Retain control
    We never require a board seat or have a say in how you run your business.
  • What you need to qualify
    Business: Predictable recurring revenue
    Revenue: $500,000+ per month
    Gross margins: at least 50%
    Profitability: not required

How much funding do you need?

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