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Cybersecurity: Raise Capital for your Company

RevTek Capital is a specialized fund that invests exclusively in tech and recurring revenue companies to provide them with the necessary funding to scale their operations and achieve their business objectives. Our unique funding approach is designed to meet the specific financial requirements of each company we work with. With our extensive experience and in-depth understanding of the cybersecurity industry, we aim to build strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients based on mutual trust and respect. Our goal is to empower these innovative firms with the resources and support they need to succeed in a highly competitive market.

Cybersecurity Venture Capital Firms

When trying to find the right group of capital partners, you will come across portfolio companies with very specific agendas and ideas about who they want to invest in. Venture partners often invest in three different series:

  • Series A: This series or funding round focuses on helping startups who have already proven their potential to optimize their current offerings. Companies who get Series A funding profess value somewhere between $2 million and $15 million.
  • Series BInvestopedia says that this series is all about “taking businesses to the next level, past the development stage. Investors help startups get there by expanding market reach.” Most companies are valued somewhere between $30 and $60 million in Series B funding.
  • Series C: Typically the last stage of investment, Series C funding is for expanding into new markets and developing new offerings or products.

For some, venture funding rounds have led to productive business growth, optimization, and an increased share of the market. However, the major downside is that cybersecurity venture capitalists usually take some control or equity in companies they invest in. This is not what you want for your cybersecurity company.

Cybersecurity Angel Investors

When searching for an investor, you can also seek out angel investors. Angel investors typically do not provide as much capital as a venture capital firm. Most cybersecurity angel investors have prior experience in the industry. This means that they often serve as great mentors and can provide sound advice.

Oftentimes, angel investors also do not require repayment. This is a major benefit of working with angel investors. Just as with venture capital, however, working with angel investors usually involves giving up some control and equity.

However, there are alternative ways to raise capital. Bank loans have cheap interest rates, but they are almost impossible for startups to obtain. Crowdfunding can provide free advertising, but there are no assurances of how much capital you will attain.

So, what if your cybersecurity company needs significant capital and doesn’t want to sacrifice control or board seats?

RevTek Offers Superior Funding for Cybersecurity Firms

We understand that not all successful cybersecurity companies are in Silicon Valley, which is why we are eager to assist startups and early stage companies grow and improve. Venture capital, angel investors, and even bank loans can get your company the capital it needs. However, all of these options result in losing board members and control of your company.

At RevTek, our goal is to benefit your business in the long-term. Our revenue-based financing allows us to provide you capital in exchange for a percentage of your future revenue.

We don’t think the owners of startups and early stage cybersecurity companies should have to lose control of their company just to gain capital. Our financing options offer growth capital without taking control. We create a repayment system based on your monthly recurring revenue stream.

Our process is quick and easy, and we can provide you as much as two million dollars in funding. You can use the growth equity we provide your company in a variety of areas such as to develop software, focus on sales and marketing, or create new products. Contact us today to learn more about our alternative financing.


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