WISP Marketing: Tips on How to Grow a WISP

WISP Marketing

Wireless Internet Service Providers (WISPS) are some of the most prevalent and essential in technology because most new technology requires internet access. When marketing a WISP business, the hard part of establishing a need for the service is typically already accomplished. Therefore, the key is convincing potential customers that your particular brand is the best choice in order to build a customer base. This is where a planned marketing strategy can make or break a business.

Tried and True Advertising

The goal in successful WISP advertising is ensuring that everyone who uses wireless networks knows that your Wireless ISP exists. For long term success, this requires that your brand stays top of mind. Therefore, the tried and true strategies of print, radio, and video advertisement should never be forgotten. This marketing type involves door to door knocking, yard signs, door hangers, radio and television commercials, banners, and more.

The line of thought is that your brand should take up as much real estate in the mind of your potential customers as possible. The more people in your coverage area see your branding and advertising, the more likely they are to turn to you when they have a need.

Social Media Advertising

In today's marketing world, it is almost impossible to run a successful business without using some type of Social Media advertising. This is also the most cost-effective marketing method because many aspects of its use are completely free. For instance, Facebook pages for businesses are free to create and allow you to connect and communicate directly with your audience.

Paid targeted advertisement is also available on many different levels. It ensures that the exact customers you need to reach (those who use the internet) will see your services offered. There are limitless ways to advertise through social media. These include video ads, customer testimony, tips and tricks, and shareable graphics shared across multiple platforms.


Just as important as where you advertise your brand is how and what you advertise. Though we've already established that most WISP customers know they need your service, the majority could not tell you specifics about your product. As the provider, this gives you the opportunity to educate your customers and establish yourself as an authority on the subject.

In addition to advertising your brand name, logo, and contact information, your marketing strategy can also promote your field's specifics.

Ways to do this may be:

  • Providing quick outline videos of how WISPS operate
  • Explaining the differences between fixed wireless and Wi-Fi
  • Tutorials on how to troubleshoot issues such as the line of sight
  • How to maximize high-speed internet

Marketing yourself as a brand that is willing to partner with customers to educate them on your product creates customer loyalty. This helps customers ask the right questions and makes sure that they get the most out of your service. Educating your customers ensures retention and an excellent brand reputation.


The most cost-effective marketing strategy is allowing your current customers to do advertising work for you. Offering incentives for customer referrals ensures not only that your customers remain happy but that they share that happiness in your brand with others. Examples of these incentives are a credit on the next bill or bonus product.

People are more likely to turn to your brand on their friend's and neighbor's advice than any other type of marketing strategy. Having a reputation for being reliable and recommendable is the most critical strategy in marketing.


The key to a great marketing strategy is to make sure that your brand stays one step ahead and uses as many advertising strategies as possible. It is essential not to stick with simply one method, such as only using social media or yard signs, but to use all the avenues where you might find a new customer.

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