RevTek Capital

Funding for Recurring Revenue

Our vision is to radically alter the availability of growth capital for recurring-revenue businesses by being their most trusted "go-to" capital source.

Our mission is to help our customers 'grow' their business while maximizing their 'ownership' of their business.

  • Funded more than 40 companies
  • Provide up to $30MM
  • Helped create more than $500MM in exit value
  • $250MM ready to deploy

Our Story

RevTek was founded by entrepreneurs who have built and operated their own business. Our goal is to help fellow entrepreneurs preserve their equity and maximize their ownership while they grow their business, by providing growth capital in the form of debt while minimizing equity give up. All too often we see Entrepreneurs give up too much of their company at the wrong time. If you have a proven business model with $5,000,000+ in annual recurring revenue we should talk.

The RevTek team has a unique skill sets, which includes operating experience, with strong backgrounds in financing early stage companies with recurring revenues. We offer our clients more than capital as our backgrounds include operations, marketing and finance, which help our clients excel. Whether it's financing your growth or perhaps simply 'cashing out' by selling your business, RevTek can help.

RevTek Capital Team

Leadership Team

scott peters

Scott Peters

Andreas Bodemeier, CIO

Andreas Bodemeier


Isaac Bunney

Jimmy Dolan, VP and Investment Associate

Jimmy Dolan

VP, Investment Associate
Dwaine Canova, CMO

Dwaine Canova

Katrina Peters, VP Loan Administration

Katrina Peters

VP Loan Administration

Alexandria Rocca

Sr. Marketing Team
Don McNely, Sr. Marketing Team

Don McNely

Sr. Marketing Team

Scott Morehouse

Sr. Marketing Analyst

Advisory Team

Dave Gezon, Advisory Team

Dave Gezon

John Mazarakis, Advisory Team

John Mazarakis

If you are looking to expand, restructure, or explore alternative funding options with your business, RevTek Capital can help you reach your goals.

Our track record proves our capability of aiding SaaS companies to accelerate their revenue growth. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your SaaS business grow.