We make Loans to Businesses with Recurring Revenue

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At RevTek Capital, we work with some of the most innovative recurring revenue companies in the nation.

Our clients use our funding to dramatically accelerate their growth and achieve profitability without giving up control.


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Advantages of Funding from RevTek Capital

Leading innovative

Preserve equity - we provide debt customized to your business.
We provide up to $15,000,000 as needed.
We provide aggressive interest-only terms.
4 to 6 weeks to get funded.

RevTek Capital is a debt funding source for growth companies, not your typical venture capital firm. When it comes to funding growth companies, we take the approach differently. We provide recurring revenue financing, often called revenue-based business loans or revenue-based loans. We specialize in growth funding for industries such as software financing, SaaS financing, bootstrap SaaS, SaaS growth, and more.

We pride ourselves on standing out from other revenue-based financing companies and revenue financing entities.

RevTek makes each revenue-based loan with non-dilutive funding. We can even provide growth capital loans, venture debt financing, a capital growth investment, runway growth capital, and even certain bootstrap funding.

Talk to us first when you are ready for revenue-based funding or cash for growth!

You will not regret learning more about RevTek and our unique approach to recurring revenue loans and general revenue funding. Order your free E-Book for more information, or contact us.

Is RevTek Capital a good fit for your company?

For recurring revenue companies

Software, SaaS, digital media or similar businesses.

Funding when you need it

You don’t need to borrow it all up front. We’ll provide more financing as you grow.

How much can you borrow?

We will lend up to ½ of a company’s annualized revenue run rate. We lend up to 50% of ARR per company.

Capital for growth

We fund sales and marketing, product development, infrastructure, new hires, and other growth strategies.

Retain control

We never require a board seat or have a say in how you run your business.

What you need to qualify

Business: Predictable recurring revenue
Revenue: $150,000 per month.
Gross margins: at least 50%
Profitability: not required

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